Chair’s Message

Picture of New Dawn Chair, Richard LorwayI am grateful for the opportunity to serve as Chair of the Board of Directors of New Dawn, and to have become part of the history of this organization that has served our community for over 35 years.

New Dawn’s mission – to engage the community to create a culture of self-reliance – is as relevant today as it was when the organization was founded back in 1976.

Now that our sunset industries have faded below the horizon, the public conversation has shifted, and Cape Bretoners are realizing that our salvation lies within ourselves – our skills and resources, our relationships, our inherent resilience, and our passion to build a viable future that we control here in Cape Breton.

New Dawn’s recent annual retreat and planning session in St. Peters reinvigorated all who attended and breathed new life into our mission. Our Hedgehog Committee process enabled the board and staff to re-focus their thinking, and identify new strategies which will drive the next stage of our development.

Future initiatives include the repurposing of the Holy Angels property, which we recognize has huge potential to engage the community and revitalize the downtown core.

As well, we have recognized the strategic impact of our CEDIF program, and are moving to expand our investment activities to provide local businesses with access to much needed capital. We have also realized that we can leverage additional good will and social capital by communicating more consistently with stakeholders and the broader community.

I wish to thank our volunteer Board of Directors who continue to donate their time, share their counsel, and guide our process.

Thank you also to our staff and volunteers for all their hard work. You are New Dawn’s daily interface with the community and its greatest ambassadors.

Thank you to our partners who have come with us on this journey, as we work together to enable a self-reliant people in a vibrant community.

Finally, thank you to the community of Cape Breton itself for supporting us in so many ways – sharing the conversation, answering the call when needed, and ultimately for inspiring us do better each and every day.

Richard Lorway,
New Dawn Board Chair