IDEAS: Jodi McDavid, Derek Mombourquette, Ian MacDougall

IDEAS: Powered by Passion. Keynote by Jodi McDavid. Introductory presentations by Derek Mombourquette. Music by Ian MacDougall.

IDEAS: Powered by Passion invites you to join Jodi McDavid-Brodie as she talks to about the virtue of the small. Director of the Co-operative Study Club, Major Research Projects Officer at CBU, an instructor, a sometimes film reviewer, a researcher and writer – Jodi will discuss the power of the small, as she has witnessed it working in universities and her research with a variety of community-based groups. She’ll also talk to us about why she’ll try just about anything once, and why she thinks we should too!

Opening the evening will be Derek Mombourquette, Coordinator of the Island Sandbox. A partnership between CBU and NSCC Marconi, the Island Sandbox is a space where the Cape Breton community can explore and develop new ideas for businesses. Focusing on clean technology, social entrepreneurship and new Canadian entrepreneurship, Derek will talk about the Island Sandbox’s role in creating and building on a culture of entrepreneurship in Cape Breton.

Host, Helen Morrison, Executive Director of the Cape Breton Transition House, will carry this exciting evening. We’ll hear music from Ian MacDougall, frontman of the internationally acclaimed ensemble – The Tom Fun Orchestra. A powerful line-up you don’t want to miss!