Annual Report 2021-2022

We are a non-profit, private, volunteer-directed social enterprise dedicated to community building.

We identify community needs and establish and operate ventures that speak to those needs. We are the oldest Community Development Corporation in Canada and a founding member of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network. Our Mission, to engage the community to create a culture of self-reliance, is as relevant today as it was when the organization was founded back in 1976.

Our work falls into two broad categories: We respond to current needs, developing community-based solutions in the areas of housing, at-home senior care, meal delivery, and immigration settlement. We also work to change systems & structures that impede Cape Breton’s vibrancy and its prosperity. Today New Dawn is focused on immigration, governance, and capital.

As a non-profit social enterprise, some of our services generate revenues. These revenues are reinvested in New Dawn, allowing us to develop new projects and take on new community issues in pursuit of a more vibrant and self-reliant Cape Breton Island.