Communications Coordinator

New Dawn Enterprises

As an ever-growing and evolving organization, new communications opportunities for the New Dawn as a whole, and for divisions within the organization, emerge regularly. The Communications Coordinator works with the VP Development and managers and staff within New Dawn to identify and respond to these opportunities. The Communications Coordinator ensures that the organization and its divisions have a consistent and professional presence in the Cape Breton community and that their mission, vision, and work are visible and understood.


New Dawn Enterprises Communications

You will be responsible for the overall direction, tone, design, implementation of New Dawn’s communications and its representation and understanding in the community;

You will develop and implement a communications strategy for New Dawn Enterprises and assist in the development and implementation of communications strategies for all New Dawn’s divisions;

Annual Communications and Marketing Strategies

You will assist in the development and implementation of division’s annual communications and marketing strategies. You will review the previous year’s marketing plan and its successes and/or gaps and new opportunities. In this work you will be providing focused support to New Dawn Homecare, New Dawn Meals on Wheels, Better Bite Community Kitchen, the New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation, and the Cape Breton Island Centre for Immigration.

Social Media

You will be responsible for developing and guiding the objectives, directions and voice of New Dawn’s presence on social media. This includes sole responsibility for the social media accounts of New Dawn Enterprises and shared responsibility for the social media accounts of New Dawn’s divisions (their objectives, accuracy, professionalism, and consistency).

You will assist managers and staff in understanding and maximizing the reach of their social media sites.

Media Relations

You will build relationships with key media contacts and identify opportunities to pitch organization and community stories to media as appropriate. You will oversee the production of press releases and approve departmental production of press releases.

Staff Learning

As the sole staff person responsible for the organization’s communications and marketing, you will identify and coordinate learning opportunities for staff and managers on the topics of marketing and communications: new technologies, best practices, strategy development and execution, etc. You will identify local experts who can craft and deliver pertinent workshops and other learning opportunities.


You will also look after things like the New Dawn website, the New Dawn Annual Report, quarterly newsletters for New Dawn Enterprises, the development of various print and web collateral as needed for both Enterprises and its divisions, internal communication among staff and between divisions, and supporting New Dawn’s fund development and fundraising activities. From time to time you will be asked to help in the planning and promotion of various events and to assist with new and emerging projects as needed.

Core Competencies

You have great all-around communication skills. You can write well (with great attention to detail, audience, format) and are comfortable speaking in public.

You are very responsible and don’t require regular supervision of your work. You accomplish your work well and on time and can structure your day and priorities accordingly.

You are very trustworthy and understand the unique responsibilities that come with working for a non-profit community organization. The community, your partners, and our clients matter a great deal to you.

You are organized and efficient. You set goals for yourself and the organization and work towards these. You are ambitious and always have an eye out for new communications opportunities and tools.

You can work in and build a team of both staff and volunteers. You like to reach consensus and are appreciative of the time, efforts, and contributions of others on the team.


  • Able to plan within and report on project budget.
  • Experience and/or comfort with community engagement and conversation.
  • Able to plan and execute multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Communications degree/diploma and or experience.
  • Basic web design/social media experience/expertise.
  • Events coordination experience.

Work Conditions

  • Long periods of sitting/concentrating.
  • Maybe be required, from time-to-time to assist with event set-up (moderate lifting/moving).
  • Willingness to work evenings and weekends as needed.
  • Willingness to travel as needed.

About New Dawn Enterprises

New Dawn is the oldest Community Development Corporation in Canada. New Dawn is a private, volunteer-directed social enterprise dedicated to community building. It seeks to identify community needs and to establish and operate ventures that speak to those needs. Its mission is to engage the community to create and support a culture of self-reliance. Its vision is a self-reliant people living in a vibrant community. New Dawn articulates this mission through a number of businesses, organizations, and partnerships.

Among its businesses and activities are New Dawn Health Care, New Dawn Real Estate, New Dawn Community Engagement and Education, New Dawn Meals on Wheels, the Cape Breton Island Centre for Immigration, and the New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation.