English Language Instructor

About the Position

The English Language Instructor will be responsible for the administration of language services at the Cape Breton Centre for Immigration (CBICI) for eligible clients.

The English Language Instructor will oversee the development and delivery of curricula for a student directed language program that makes use of a blend of academics (grammar, vocabulary etc.) and community building and integration in a social sense. This program will place great emphasis on life skills, integrative language, situational application, and practise learning. They will be responsible for initial English language assessments with attention given to the four main strands of language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).

The position includes responsibility for curricula and outcomes planning, and language program delivery. Language program delivery (session instruction) occurs 4 times a week.

The English Language Instructor, in keeping with the values and methods of CBICI, brings an enthusiastic and empathetic approach to interactions with clients, stake holders, employees, and volunteers, and conducts themselves usings a culturally sensitive lens.

Duties and Responsibilities

Administrative Duties

  • Respond to client inquiries.
  • Complete client intake forms
  • Manage language registration requests.
  • Conduct initial language assessments with each participant.
  • Data entry to provincial database (client information, attendance)
  • Connect clients with other staff/resources as needed.
  • Weekly reporting to the Language Coordinator

Program Implementation Duties

  • Ensure project/program outcomes and goals are met, including monthly community connection component.
  • The instructor will develop and manage a regular conversation club, offering students an informal environment where they can further hone their language skills.
  • Implement ongoing evaluation processes, to ensure an iterative approach to program enhancements.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participate in internal team meetings as required.
  • Look for potential improvements and help implement solutions.
  • Maintain quality, safety and the confidentiality of employees, clients, and volunteers.
  • Maintain professionalism, tact, diplomacy, and sensitivity to portray New Dawn in a positive manner, consistent with its values and vision.
  • Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, engaging in professional networks, and participating in professional organizations.
  • Respond to the needs of others with effective communication, mutual respect, and consistent follow through to build trust and workplace relationships.
  • Promote the mission and values of New Dawn both internally and externally.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Manager of CBICI.


  • Possess valid and up to date TESL Certification.
  • Current and up-to-date Criminal Record Check
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite applications.
  • Has valid NS drivers license and has own vehicle for work-related travel
  • Experience with program and curriculum development and delivery.
  • Experience working with newcomers.
  • Experience teaching EAL.
  • Experience managing people and workflow.

Work Conditions

  • Travel will be required.
  • Manual dexterity required to use desktop computer and peripherals.
  • Overtime may be required; working evenings/weekends and needed.
  • Interacts with employees, management, and public at large.
  • Environment can be busy/noisy at times.

About New Dawn

New Dawn Enterprises Limited is a private, volunteer-directed non-profit social enterprise dedicated to community building. It seeks to identify community needs and to establish and operate ventures that speak to those needs.

Incorporated in 1976, New Dawn is the oldest Community Development Corporation in Canada. Today it employs 150 people across 10 companies: New Dawn Homecare, New Dawn Guest Home and New Dawn Home Living, New Dawn Meals on Wheels, the Eltuek Arts Centre, Café Marie, New Dawn Properties, Cape Breton Island Centre for Immigration, New Dawn Centre, and New Dawn Community Engagement.

All of its work is in service of building a more vibrant and self-reliant Unama’ki-Cape Breton Island.

Atlantic Immigration Program Employer

New Dawn is proud to be an Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) employer. This means that New Dawn has been approved as an AIP employer and, as such, can endorse the AIP-PR application of an eligible employee.

Note: employees are responsible for verifying that the employment position/category is eligible under the AIP program, or any other immigration program/stream for which they intend to seek the support/endorsement of New Dawn.

Salaried Employee Compensation Package 

New Dawn Enterprises believes in supporting the well-being of its employees and, in service of this, has created the following compensation package for permanent, salaried employees of New Dawn Enterprises, in addition to their salaries.

Canada Life Group Benefits: Medical, Dental, Life Insurance
New Dawn offers its employees group benefits provided by Group Health. Fifty percent (50%) of these benefits are paid by the employer, except for Long-Term Disability benefits which are fully (100%) paid by the employee. The plan also includes a component for Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) and Vision Care. Dependent life is also included.

Self-Directed Registered Retirement Savings Plan
Employees may choose to begin participation in New Dawn’s Self-Directed RRSP plan after completion of three (3) months of employment. Employees may contribute up to 5% of their gross salary, deducted from their pay cheque. This is matched by the employer to a maximum of five percent (5%).

Reduced Hours Work Week
In recognition of the benefits of greater work-life balance and the value of flexibility and autonomy for human wellbeing, New Dawn has adopted a Reduced Hour Work Week. All full-time salaried employees are required to be in the office for 32 hours per week. These hours can be worked over four or five days. At the start of employment, a schedule will be drafted that meets both the needs of the company and the employee.

Professional Development
New Dawn acknowledges and is committed to the ongoing professional development and lifelong learning aspirations of its staff. The acquisition of new position-relevant skills and perspectives by employees creates a stronger, more informed, and modern organization.

Employees are strongly encouraged to research and outline education and/or professional development opportunities to discuss with their manager in the creation of their work-plan.

Paid Holidays
New Dawn observes thirteen (13) public holidays and other days for which staff will be paid. They are: New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day

In the spirit of family, the President reserves the right to close the office between Christmas and New Year’s to enable employees to spend time with their families. This option will be reviewed, and a decision made annually depending on operational requirements. These non-statutory days will have no impact on employee vacation time.

Paid Vacation
All new employees entering the organization as a salaried employee will earn 15 days of paid vacation during the annum.

Mental and Physical Health Days 

Employees will be entitled to seven (7) days paid leave at the beginning of each calendar year. This can be carried forward to a maximum of fifteen (15) days total. It can be used for physical and metal wellness/illness and appointments for the employee or their family members.

Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP)
New Dawn’s Group Benefits Plan also includes the provision of an Employee and Family Assistance Program. The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EAP) is a support system that employees and their families can turn to for confidential help with stress, anxiety and depression, family and relationship issues, addictions, legal and financial difficulties, health and nutrition concerns and workplace and career difficulties. The program is confidential and optional and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Café Marie Discount

Employees of New Dawn Enterprises can take advantage of a 20% discount at Café Marie, located in the Eltuek Arts Centre.

Years of Service

The Years of Service Recognition Program recognizes and rewards the service of New Dawn employees at milestones in their careers. All permanent full-and-part-time New Dawn employees are eligible to receive the Years of Service award.

STAR Program

New Dawn is proud to recognize and reward the excellent work and achievements of its employees. Managers at New Dawn will be given an annual budget to provide ongoing and immediate recognition to their direct reports throughout the year.

Corporate YMCA Membership Program

In an effort to create more opportunity for staff health and wellness, New Dawn offers a corporate membership in partnership with the Cape Breton YMCA. The corporate membership gives staff a 12% discount on the cost of membership, additionally New Dawn pays half the cost of an individual discounted membership.