Transportation Group

Multi-year engagement process involving citizens, stakeholders, CBRM Council and provincial officials leads to improvements in community transit.

Community Transportation

Often, the work of NDCEE extends over multiple years. This is the case with recent efforts around community and public transportation in which NDCEE has helped to lead a multi-year engagement process involving citizen study circles, a stakeholder forum, and discussions with CBRM Council and provincial officials.

This work paid off in late 2017/early 2018 with the announcement of a million-dollar cost-shared two-year pilot that aims to make tangible improvements to Transit Cape Breton (hours/days of operation, frequency of service, operating efficiency, quality of rider experience) and track benefits to individuals and the community to help make the case for continued investment.

A second provincial government funding agreement also stemming from the work of the CBRM Community Transportation Working Group will support a Transportation Innovation Lab. This lab will identify and test other strategies for enhancing public and community transportation with a particular focus on meeting the transportation needs of jobseekers and employers.