Northside Hub

New form of community infrastructure — the 'community hub' — connects residents, fosters local leadership, and improves access to services

Infrastructure for Stronger Communities

In a former school building on the Northside, Community CARES Youth Outreach is developing a ‘community hub’ — a new form of community infrastructure gaining support across the country. The hub serves three purposes: connecting residents, fostering local leadership, and improving access to services. Youth involvement in the hub is Community CARES’ special commitment.

Vickey Sheppard, a participant in the hub, leads programming on the Northside for the Cape Breton Family Place Resource Centre. “Not only is the hub making our program for moms and babies accessible,” she says, “it is also linking them to other supports like housing assistance. Even more than that, we see the hub as a place where people can simply be part of their community — belong, participate, contribute.”