IDEAS: David Wheeler, Joanie Cunningham, Angelo Spinazzola

IDEAS: Powered by Passion. Keynote by David Wheeler. Introductory presentation by Joanie Cunningham. Music by Angelo Spinazzola.

“Ideas: Powered by Passion” is about encouraging new thinking through speech and music.

Come out to listen, learn and be inspired! May 7th (7-9pm) at the Lyceum (225 George St., Sydney).

David Wheeler, President & Vice-Chancellor of Cape Breton University, is an advocate for renewable energy, sustainability, and positive community change, and is a trailblazer in the field of international and local development. David will speak about the ‘challenges of change’ in resource-constrained environments. He will relate those challenges to the urgent need for reform in Atlantic Canada and more broadly to the kinds of system-wide change that is coming in all areas of life, from energy to food to finance.

We will also hear from the founder of WeirdBeard – Joanie Cunningham. WeirdBeard is a group of creative and passionate volunteers who produce theatrical experiences using life-sized puppets. The puppeteers are youth and adults with Down syndrome and their families. Joanie’s unofficial motto is “If it makes us giggle, then it’s in the show!”

Host Mary Beth Doucette will carry this exciting evening. We will hear music from Angelo Spinazzola as he combines thought-provoking lyrics with a solid groove.

Following the event, we’ll continue the conversation at Governor’s Pub & Eatery!