New Dawn wins Vital Award in the Vital Employer Category

New Dawn VP of Operations Sabrina Vatcher accepted the award at the Virtual Vital Awards on Sunday, December 13, hosted by NextGen Cape Breton-Unama’ki.

“First, on behalf of New Dawn, I’d like to thank the NextGen Unama’ki board for this 2020 Vital Employer Award.

I also want to say that for us at New Dawn, it really is a privilege to get to spend time and be inspired by so many young people on our staff, who are committed to Cape Breton’s future, and committed to making our Island a more vibrant and self-reliant one.

These incredibly bright young people bring energy, new ideas, and new beliefs into our organization daily. And they make our job rather — just follow their lead!

As I look around our community, I am in awe by the number of young leaders both here and on our Island. Organizations big and small, municipalities like the CBRM with our newly elected Mayor, new businesses, philanthropists and more. A bright future for us all indeed.

I also want to thank all of our staff — young and young at heart — for their vision and dedication.

It has been a difficult year and so many people all across our Island have shown up through it all to serve others.

To our New Dawn staff throughout the organization, we thankful for the gifts that you bring, for the ways in which you have changed our organization and this community, and for the opportunity to see, together, what the future will bring.

Thank you.”