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How Will Residents be Chosen for the Village?

The post links to a sample Vulnerability Assessment Tool or VAT. This VAT was created by the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness. A similar tool wil be used to assign Village units to those who are most in need (who are most vulnerable).

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Pallet Shelter Dignity Standards

The Dignity Standards guiding the design of the CBRM Pallet Shelter Village (and the more than 120 Pallet Shelter Villages throughout North America) outline requirements for hygiene, meals, transportation, safety, and support services.

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CBRM Pallet Shelter Village

In the CBRM, New Dawn and the Ally Centre of Cape Breton, have partnered to host 30 Pallet Shelters for vulnerable residents. The shelters which will be staffed 24-7 will be ready for residents in February 2024.

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